Amazing Kids Birthday Party Gifts under $25

Amazing Kids Birthday Party Gifts under $25 Being invited to a birthday party is super exciting for kids of all ages. But it’s not only the time and location that parents need to think about. Buying a kids birthday party gift often means a trip to ...

How to Get Your Kids Excited to Read More

How to Get Your Kids Excited to Read More We all know that reading is important, but getting kids to read has become harder in recent years. Reading can be a chore for many kids, so they try to avoid reading when it is possible. Luckily, ...

Candy Free Valentine Idea: Crayon Hearts

This is a cute candy free idea for Valentines for your child's class. My daughter gave these out last year to her class and they loved them. She said everyone was so excited about them. All you need is a few boxes of crayons and ...

Lunch Box Smoothie

Most kids like smoothies and if your looking for new things to add to your child's lunch this is healthy and they will love it. This is something you can make the night before to add to your child’s lunch with a protein. I used ...

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