Amazing Kids Birthday Party Gifts under $25

Being invited to a birthday party is super exciting for kids of all ages. But it’s not only the time and location that parents need to think about. Buying a kids birthday party gift often means a trip to the local mall or toy store with your kids. These trips are often overwhelming, especially when they end up with you buying extra items that you don’t need. There is also the stress of finding an amazing birthday party gift that is within your budget. So, instead of stressing about finding the perfect birthday gift, you should check out some of the best birthday party gifts for kids listed below. The best part is that they are all under $25.


I-Scream Scented S’mores Spiral Notebook $9  

A notebook may not seem like the most exciting birthday party gift, but the I-Scream Spiral Notebooks are scented to smell as good as they look. The S’mores Notebook smells like s’mores when you rub the cover. There is also pizza and cupcake notebooks to pick from and each notebook is scented to match their design. This notebook is great for kids who love to write and draw. You can make this birthday gift more special by adding a set of colored or scented pens and a pencil case to it.

Mad Pax Mighty Bite Dangle Bag $15  

Mad Pax makes some of the coolest backpacks for kids and teens. The Mighty Bite Dangle Bag is 6 inches tall, and is designed to hang off of a backpack or belt. The size is perfect for money, cell phones, headphones, and any other small items that kids and teens may need on a daily basis. There are two colors to pick from, which are Aqua and Pink. These dangle bags can hold up to daily wear and tear. This would make a great gift card holder and make a surprising birthday gift for kids of all ages.

American Jewel Selfie Hair Brush $9.50  

These hairbrushes are designed with ‘S’ shaped bristles, so the bristles glide and slide through the hair without pulling or ripping. This brush works all on textures of hair and has a mirror on the back of it. At the base of each hairbrush, there is a hair tie. This is the coolest brush that you give. You can easily add an American Jewel Selfie Hair Brush to any birthday gift.






Piggy Paint Nail Polish $9  

Nail polish is a great birthday party gift for girls of all ages. There are hundreds of nail polish brands to pick from, but most of them are full of harsh chemicals. Piggy Paint is a brand that has natural, eco-friendly nail polishes, which are specifically designed for kids. They have many colors and different finishes that you can pick from. Piggy Paint also makes their own top-coat and glow-in-the-dark nail polishes. Their water-based formulas are made in the USA. They can also be a great birthday gift for teens and adults. The nail polish set pairs well with the Piggy Polish Pedicure Set.

American Jewel LED Light Up Phone Case $14

Most kids have a phone today, so they NEED a phone case to protect their phone. Think about all the times that they could drop their phone. There are many phone cases to pick from, but you need to know what phone they have. The American Jewel LED Light Up Phone Case removes the need for you to call and ask what phone the recipient has, since it stretches to fit every type of phone. Each corner of the case has a LED in it, so it lights up and also has a replaceable battery. There are four colors to pick from, so there is a case for everyone.

American Jewel Yummy Gummy Bubble Gum Scented Wallet/Cell Phone Case $14.95  

These cute wallets/cell phones cases are scented like bubblegum. They can be used as a wallet, or as a phone case. The strap on the front is removable and it can hold other American Jewel jewels. Each wallet comes with a random jewel, so each bag is unique. This wallet is water and stain resistant, super easy to clean, and there are six vibrant colors to pick from. You can make this birthday gift even more exciting by placing a gift card inside the wallet from their favorite store.






Piggy Story Art to Go Roll $15  

The Piggy Story Art to Go Roll is the perfect for younger kids who love to color. Each roll comes with 8 crayons and can hold many more. This art roll is great to take along for car rides, when you are traveling or going to restaurants. It also makes keeping crayons in one place easier, so there is no more losing crayons. There are two patterns to pick from, a girl pattern and a boy pattern. A coloring book is a great item to include with this affordable kids birthday gift.

Piggy Paint Glitter Girls Gift Set $24  

Piggy Paint offers different sets of three nail polishes. The Glitter Girls set is perfect for girly girls and anyone who loves glitter. It comes with three polishes: Glitter bug (multi-color sparkle), Fairy Fabulous (lavender) and Glamour Girl (Purple Shimmer with Silver Glitter). All Piggy Polishes are made in the USA, and are eco-friendly. They are also virtually odorless, so there is no need to worry about scent sensitivities. Unlike other natural and/or water-based nail polishes, Piggy Polishes dry to a hard finish that will last.




FireBug Shoes By Mia $21


For most kids, a pair of shoes can seem like a boring birthday party gift but they do not need to be. Firebug shoes are the hottest shoes for kids on the market today. These flip-flops have clear glittered foot straps that light up. There are three colored LED lights in each strap that make the flip-flops light up. The Firebug shoes are the perfect summer birthday party gift because the soles are made of thick and durable rubber, which absorb heat from sand and pavement. There are three pretty designs that you can choose from, which are Camo, Rainbow, and Peace Signs.

Piggy Story Little Picasso Art Kit $22

The Little Picasso Art Kit is an amazing gift for kids who love to color and draw and to take their art supplies with them. Each set comes with 8 markers, 8 colored pencils, a pencil sharpener, a glitter glue pen, and a pair of safety scissors. The case is laminated to make it durable and there is also a zipper pouch to keep other art supplies and knickknacks in. There are 6 patterns to pick from. A coloring booking is a great item to include with the Piggy Story Little Picasso Art Kit.
Piggy Paint Cupcake Cutie Polish Set $24
Nail polish is fun for girls of all ages. However, most nail polishes have harsh chemicals in them. Piggy Paint makes a non-toxic, eco-friendly water-based nail polish. The Piggy Paint Cupcake Cutie Polish Set comes with two nail polishes in Seaquin (a sky blue color), and Girls Rule (a sparkly pink-purple), and a bottle of nail polish remover. This gift is a lot of fun and great for sleepovers parties.

Watchitube Watches $25

These are some of the coolest watches for kids. There are four designs in the JoJo Siwa watch line. Unlike other watches, the Watchitube watches have slap bands that make them super easy to put on and take off. The slap bands also make them one size fits all, and comfortable to wear. The watches are analog and splash proof, so there is no need for the kids to worry about rain, splashes or sweat. These watches are the perfect birthday gift because they come in a beautiful, colorful, textured gift box. This is a practical gift that may stop them from getting in trouble in class when they are checking the time on their phone.




Finding an amazing, unique birthday party gift does not have to be expensive or time-consuming. There are many amazing gifts that are under $25 dollars on for you to choose from. Along with having many gifts for kids of all ages, you can also save 15% percent by using the coupon code ‘birthday15’ when you check out. What are some of your favorite affordable birthday party gifts for kids that you love to give?